Get Shaq 2 UA

October 25, 2011 - 12:16pm

Former NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal is known for his talent on the hardwood. Now he is lending his star power to fighting binge-drinking on college campuses,  and there's a new campaign to bring him to the Capstone. UA's LessThanUThink Campaign is trying to get Shaq to film a public service announcement on campus. Shaq has just announced a partnership with the Century Council, a National Advisory Board funded by distillers fighting against drunk driving and underage drinking. O'Neal is a LSU Alum and the LessThanUThink campaign is trying to get O'Neal to visit campus the weekend of the Bama LSU game.

LessThanUThink was created by UA Advertising and PR students as a national program against binge  drinking.  Organizers are using twitter to build a following to attract Shaq to the Capstone. To join the campaign,  just go to and add to your tweet this hashtag: #getshaq2Ua. If you add @Shaq, it will go directly to his twitter account.

Janie Wallace