Townsend Nissan Trivia



  1. Alabama won their first national championship in 1925
    with a score of 20-19.  What team did they beat?
  2. In 1926 Alabama repeated as national champions with a
    tie against Stanford.  The score was 7-7 in that game. Who was the
    coach for the Crimson Tide that year?  
  3. Alabama was defeated in the 1930 season for their third
    national championship.  Alabama’s opponent proved to be easy in the
    Rose Bowl as Alabama came up with a 24-0 victory.  Who was the
  4. Who caught Joe Namath’s first touchdown pass at
  5. How many shutouts did Alabama have in its 1961 national
    championship season?
  6. Who was  MVP of the 1962 Sugar Bowl?
  7. Who led Alabama in scoring in 1962?
  8. What Alabama player kicked four field goals in a 12-7
    Sugar Bowl upset of Ole Miss in 1964?
  9. Coach Bryant used the two-quarterback system in
    1973-74. Who were his QB’s?
  10. Who handed Alabama it’s only loss in 1977?
  11. What was the final score when Bear Bryant beat pat dye
    for win No. 315?
  12. Who scored the last touchdown of the Bear Bryant Era?
  13. How many sacks did Derrick Thomas have during his
    career at Alabama?
  14. Who is the only coach to serve as interim head coach at
    both Arkansas and Alabama?
  15. What Alabama duo had 100 receiving yards against
    Arkansas in 1999?
  16. The University of Alabama was founded in 1831, but in
    which year did they play the first football game in school history?
  17. What was significant about the 1918 season at Alabama?
  18. How many National Championships did Alabama win in the
  19. What two home games at Bryant Denny stadium did Bear
    Bryant lose during his 25 years at Alabama?
  20. In a 50-year span, how many All-American quarterbacks
    did Alabama produce from 1950-2000?




  1. Washington
  2. Washington State
  3. Richard Williamson
  4. Six
  5. Mike Fracchia
  6. Cotton Clark
  7. Tim Davis
  8. Gary Rutledge and Richard Todd
  9. Wallace
  10. Nebraska
  11. Alabama 28, Auburn 17
  12. Craig
    “Touchdown” Turner
  13. 52 Sacks
  14. Joe Kines
  15. Jason  McAddley and
    Freddie Milons
  16. 1892
  17. The season was cancelled
    due to WWI
  18. Three
  19. Florida and Southern
  20. Four